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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality powerwashing that is clean and sanitary surface to all customers; providing professional service, timely service, and a good quality powerwashing.

Anderson Power Washing is a new business that prides itself on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We deliver the best value for your money!

What We Do


Friends, have you looked at the siding on your house lately? Your driveway? Patio? Do you need Power washing, and didn’t even know it? I did!!! These two young entrepreneurs have a business I’ve supported!!! Won’t you? They are very professional, moved my furniture, put back in place. I had algea outside my home, which will destroy your paint, get it off!! Call Anderson Power Washing Today!!! I Fully recommend them!!! Support our young men! They will give a reasonable estimate for your job!

CA Suitor Edwards

Cedar Hill, TX

I have been working on upwind 360’s for some time and could get an occasional one in the straps, but rarely, if ever, out of the straps. With your tips, I was able to nail several of them recently. Well done! For the upwind 360, I found your tip about keeping the mast pointed in to the wind was the key. Thanks!

Jack Melton

New York